Bali Natural Latex provide the highest quality mattresses, pillows, bolsters and toppers made of 100% natural latex for Commercial and Residential at unbeatable prices with incredible attention to detail and customer service. We strive to give quality attention to each purchase and follow through to delivery on every item.


  • Bali Natural Latex  made a commitment to only sell 100% natural latex foam products. Bali Natural Latex wanted to make it completely clear to our customers how strongly we believed in 100% natural latex foam.  We also wanted our customers to be completely confident that when they are buying from us, they are buying only 100% natural latex foam products.
  • Bali Natural Latex mattress is a natural green products, soft and comfortable, non-toxic and pollution never Health mildew shaped, and can effectively resist dust mites, bacteria breeding.
  • Bali Natural Latex is to give human nature the best sleep present, the mainstream of Indonesia top bedding, and is in line with the return to nature new life trend.
  • When you see products made from all natural latex, this guarantees that they have absolutely no synthetic latex. You can choose from a wide variety of natural latex. We also specialize in custom sizes for all our mattress lines.